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This is a tribute site to our teacher and friend, Bob Silver C. Tabimina.

Bobby teaches from Mondays thru Fridays, 6pm to 7+pm, and Saturdays, 9am to 12am, at the Gold Loop Towers (condominium) at Gold Loop (street) in Pasig near Pearl Drive (near CRC college). If you were in Shaw Blvd, coming from the Rotonda beside Capitolio Village and City Hall going towards EDSA, turn right at Red Ribbon Bakeshop, and you'll be in Gold Loop (street). Gold Loop Towers is just a few buildings to your left.

Visitors are welcome to watch; just mention your name and your intent to the condominium guard. Class rates and private rates can be discussed with Bobby.

Quick Updates: Here are some pics, not yet in the pictures section .....

[1] A younger Anciong Bacon; this emphasizes that he had a small build.
[2] Bobby, Nilo Sevilla, & Chito Velez
[3] Filming of 'GAROTE', with Teofilo & Anciong
[4] GAROTE, another shot ....
[5] ... and one more ...
[6] with a young Chito Velez; dig the hair :)
[7] Students of Bobby in Iligan

Jason Silverman put our link on his page at the time we were trying to get more visitors to our site. Since we don't have a links page yet, here's a link to his site. Thanks Jason :)

EEMA Fitness and Martial Arts Center

Look around the site and learn more about Balintawak Arnis, as compared with other styles of Arnis, Kali, & Escrima, and what makes learning from Bobby such a unique experience.

Look at the Pics&Clips section to see pictures and mpegs of actual classes.

Check out the stories section to know how Bobby got into Balintawak, and to read of some of the challenge matches he was involved in during the 1970s.

Bobby's teachers are today considered legends of Balintawak Arnis. You'll be surprised to find out who he actually studied under.

Then drop us an e-mail, or post on our message board to say hello.

Have fun!
We'd like to thank Gino Martinez for the thought provoking write-ups, Rommel Bundalan for the great logos and other graphic art, the students for the pictures and clips, Ramel Ongsiako for the webpage design and programming, and ofcourse Bobby, for being such an excellent, giving teacher, and a good friend.